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I think the idea is good, but i was thinking and thinking as something 
was disturbing me, but i did not know what. after a long sleep and 
dream, i know what is disturbing me: i think all activities like release 
party good and we should continue,

BUT for me the main question should be: COMPUTER FOR WHAT?

I see in Limbe, that the computer are used, but to do what? Most of the 
people just surf, chat, play... for it is not enough!

*you must find applications which really help the people here in cameroon
*i see following projects:

    * Do map with gps logger and openstreetmap. here in limbe we begin
      see www.openstreetmap.org search limbe or linux friends limbe. i
      propose to make a workshop for example january for all who are
      interested to make maps. i have 3 gps logger  a friend is in
      switzerland it could take more  (price : ~30'000 cfa)
    * Do conference as ubuntu-cm do allready with skype, but with ekiga,
      (skype is not open source) and try to improve it that we can have
      it as service for NGO virtuelle treffs
    * As the education should be an important point, if not the most 
      important, build, give courses on information technology as well
      as all other education topics. in Limbe we use moodle as
      e-learning platform because it is very easy to use and install. it
      can be installed localhost or on internet, the exchange of courses
      is easy. it would be nice to work together, so we could present
      education courses for the Cameronian society. the course can be
      done reading, with teachers, or teacher live with ekiga
    * Build a internet site like commentcamarche www.commentcamarche.net
      but without advertising and concentrate on problems in cameroon

ok i stop and wait to look if interest is here...



joben bison wrote:
> Hi all,
> as a follow-up to my last mail, please visit the below wiki page for 
> your ideas for our plan of action for 2010.
> Considering these mails :
>    *
>       https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-cm/2009-December/000843.html
>    *
>       https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-cm/2009-December/000852.html
> And the fact that "...failing to plan is planning to fail", I invite 
> each and every one of us to contribute our ideas for 2010, of which 
> the best shall be incorporated into our Action Plan 2010 as a matter 
> of fact.
> I will go ahead and include ideas proposed through the mailing-lists 
> already but shall exclude Release Parties, BarCamp 
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BarCamp>, BlogActionDay 
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BlogActionDay> and Software Freedom Day 
> because they are standard events we all know about :)
> We'll try to plan our actions for 2010  by brainstorming on the below 
> page:
>  Ubuntu-cm Action Plan 2010 wiki page 
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CameroonianTeam/ActionPlan2010>
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