[ubuntu-cloud] Update on Ubuntu automated testing and CI of Openstack

Adam Gandelman adamg at canonical.com
Wed Feb 8 23:57:31 UTC 2012

As promised for anyone who was interested when we announced to the last 
last week, here is a blog post James Page and I put together describing 
our Openstack testing efforts and infrastructure in greater detail:


I'm quite pleased with the results of the testing over the last 2 weeks 
or so.  We've already uncovered a number of  bugs that we were able to 
help squash and continue to uncover subtle stuff we wouldn't have come 
across otherwise until after we've uploaded our weekly Essex/Precise 
snapshot into the archive.  As a result, 'apt-get insatll $core_project' 
on Precise gets you something more stable than at any point during the 
Diablo/Oneiric cycle.

In the short term, we'll be working to enable pre-commit multi-node 
smoke testing of the stable Diablo branch on Oneiric as well as 
deploying and enabling Swift so that we're utilizing all of the current 
Devstack exercises (we currently run all but swift).

We're approaching the Ubuntu feature-freeze (Feb. 16th) and, as always, 
would greatly appreciate any help further testing and stabilizing 
Openstack on Ubuntu!


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