[ubuntu-cloud] TurnKey Hub v1.0 released - now officially out of beta

Alon Swartz alon at turnkeylinux.org
Wed Mar 30 18:05:57 UTC 2011

Hey folks,

We just released v1.0 of the TurnKey Hub, a free web service we've been
developing this past 9 months that integrates TurnKey Linux with the
Amazon Web Services cloud. The Hub powers two tightly integrated

1) TurnKey Cloud Servers: allows you to rapidly explore and deploy
   TurnKey's 45+ free server appliances (based on Ubuntu) in the Amazon
   EC2 cloud. No extra software or hardware required, just a browser.

2) TurnKey Backup and Migration: provides secure and easy server backups
   to Amazon S3. Backups can be automatically restored, which makes it
   easy to deploy a development server into production or test backups
   in the cloud.

The v1.0 release takes the Hub officially out of private beta. User
registration is now open to the public. No invitation requests required.

Here's the announcement on our blog:


Alon Swartz

Website: http://www.turnkeylinux.org
Contact details: http://alonswartz.org

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