[ubuntu-cloud] Announcing TurnKey Hub v1.0 - now officially out of beta

Liraz Siri liraz at turnkeylinux.org
Wed Mar 30 18:17:21 UTC 2011

Ubunteros, Ubunteros, Ubunteros! (jumping up and down frantically)

We just released v1.0 of the TurnKey Hub, a free web service that
integrates the Ubuntu-based TurnKey Linux library with the Amazon Web
Services cloud. The Hub powers two tightly integrated services:

1) TurnKey Cloud Servers: allows you to rapidly explore and deploy
   TurnKey's 45+ free server apps in the Amazon EC2 cloud. No extra
   software or hardware required, just a browser.

2) TurnKey Backup and Migration: provides secure and easy server backups
   to Amazon S3. Backups can be automatically restored, which makes it
   easy to deploy a development server into production or test backups
   in the cloud.



* The Hub is officially out of private beta: The registration is now
  open to the public. No invitation requests required.

* User interface improvements including a more refined look and feel, a
  new start wizard to help get new users going, and a new dashboard.

* We now try harder to explain to new visitors how the Hub works and
  what it's good for.

* OpenID support let's you register and login to the Hub more easily
  using an existing identity (e.g., Google, Yahoo), without having to
  remember another username/password.

* Full support for the latest TurnKey Linux 11 release.

* Support for basic pre-launch cloud server configuration. This means
  you don't have to worry about changing default passwords.

* Configurable TKLBAM data retention: let's you limit how many full
  backups you want around.

* Many performance optimizations, bugfixes, and stability improvement.

* Better internationalization support.

Here's the full announcement on the blog:


Check out the new version and give us feedback!

Liraz Siri
TurnKey Linux Co-Founder
Cell: +972-54-2013512

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