[ubuntu-cloud] Separate CLC.CC servers not seeing nodes.

Richard Harvey richard at squarecows.com
Mon Mar 28 09:13:35 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I have separate servers running my cloud components. I followed this guide:

My set up is:

server1: CLC and Walrus
server2: CC and CS
server3,4,5,6: nodes

I can successfully log into the cloud controller webgui and install an
image. However when I try and start this image it fails with:

Not enough resources (VmTypeAvailability{type=VmType{name='m1.small', cpu=1,
disk=2, mem=192}, max=0, available=0}
 < 1: vm instances.

Listing the resources on the CLC I can see:

root at c4p-uec01:/etc# euca_conf --list-walruses --list-scs --list-clusters
registered walruses:
registered storage controllers:
registered clusters:

As you can see it can't see the nodes. On the CC you can't run euca_conf
--list-nodes as there is no database. But I can run euca_conf
--discover-nodes and add the nodes like that. this creates
/var/lib/eucalyptus/node.list and populates the values. In the logs it looks
like the nodes are registered happily.

Can anyone see what I'm missing here and why its reporting not enough

Richard Harvey
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