[ubuntu-cloud] euca2ools and ec2 tools problem

J.O'Loughlin at surrey.ac.uk J.O'Loughlin at surrey.ac.uk
Fri Oct 16 12:54:54 BST 2009


I've installed a cloud controller and a node using  9.10. I can upload kernel, ramdisk and image as admin and as a user I can start an a eucalyptus instance. However I seem to be having a problem with
euca-describe-instances and also ec2-describe-instances:

when source my eucarc as the admin user:

jo0006 at orion:~$ ec2-describe-instances 
RESERVATION	r-4D6708D4	jo0006	default
INSTANCE	i-410F07A8	emi-34350D42	running		0		m1.small	2009-10-15T18:01:46+0000	nebula	eki-4636126D	eri-984613B1		monitoring-false

but when sourcing as a normal user:

jo0006 at orion:~/euca-user1.6$ ec2-describe-instances
VmControl: Unable to load dialect 'org.drools.rule.builder.dialect.java.JavaDialectConfiguration:java'

euca2ools-describe-instances produces no output at all (as normal user).

although the instance has started and runs on the node.

Any help much appreciated.

John O'loughlin

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