[Ubuntu-Classroom] Promoting Lernid PPA

Jono Bacon jono at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 15 23:02:39 UTC 2011

On 07/15/2011 02:05 PM, John S Gruber wrote:
> I agree with Lyz that these are two high priority bugs that should be
> addressed pronto--particularly the first. I just finished constructing
> a fix for the second and the fixes for both are proposed for merging
> (which might make it easier for anyone curious to see what the changes
> are). The fixes will be able to be tried from the PPA
> https://launchpad.net/~jsjgruber/+archive/lernid-proposed , which
> contains the instructions for installing the recipe constructed
> packages it contains for Lucid , Maverick, Natty, and Oneiric. The
> fixed package, internally version, should build within a few
> hours (the build farm must be backed up). The packages will have an
> old debian version numbers beginning with 0+227+20110715. As I said,
> see the above link for installation instructions and About->Help will
> display as long as you have the correct new version.
> It would be simply great if anyone would have time to try these over
> the next week. (I'm hoping Lyz reads this line since she's good at
> getting the Xubuntu one to happen, hint, hint). I've tested the first
> patch most of the week, but not the Xubuntu one.

Makes sense. :-)

>> While I can see value in us providing improvements for Lucid as it is an
>> LTS, I don't think you folks should worry too much about Maverick. Obviously
>> Oneiric is an edge case now with only crazy people such as myself running
>> it.
> I haven't tried Oneiric since the last alpha release. I can try it
> again, but I agree we need not wait for Oneiric to work before
> proceeding with most things.

I am running Oneiric and happy to test. If you can provide a PPA with an 
Oneiric build and let me know what needs testing, I will let you know 
how I get on.

>>> In Ubuntu Natty it's looking pretty good, but they will not be able to
>>> just apt-get install lernid from the standard repository because this
>>> will get them the old, broken version. Users will have to install
>>> ppa:lernid-devs/lernid-releases
> The current version *is* much better than the downstream Natty version
> (which at least does start and contains the flash hang fix and a
> couple of others). That's where I started my Lernid journey.


> I only have the lernid-releases ppa statistics. Currently they are:
> Lucid: 51
> Maverick: 30
> Natty: 172
> Oneiric: 7

This supports our view of focusing on Natty and Lucid; good to know. :-)

> I'd like to thank everyone for all of the kind words and encouragement.
> I don't have any list of blockers. As far as I know everything on the
> bug list is Medium or Low once the above two are fixed.
> I'd propose releasing those two fixes in a maintenance fix release,
>, in just about a week, in time for Cloud Week. Is everyone
> okay with that? I'd wait until the end of Community week next week to
> do the uploads to the lernid-releases PPA and would expect them to be
> automatically downloaded to most lernid-releases PPA students over
> next weekend. We could also do a test session next Friday but there
> are no new features at all, just those two fixes.
> If they work is the Classroom team good to go? If so I'd like then to
> start work on getting this new upstream Lernid into Natty.

Sounds great to me. :-)


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