[Ubuntu-Classroom] Ubuntu Classroom LoCo Day

Nathan Handler nhandler at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 19 22:49:40 BST 2010

Hello everyone,

A while ago, I had the idea to organize a one day classroom event
where we try and get as many LoCo teams as possible to host sessions
in as many languages as possible. The content of these sessions would
not be as beneficial to the overall community (due to being in
different languages), but it would help encourage LoCos to lead
classroom sessions of their own as well as give users a chance to
learn and ask questions in their native language. I talked to a few
people about this idea, and their definitely appears to be some
interest. There are still a few details that need to get sorted out:

 * When would be the best time to hold the event?

Since the purpose of the event is to encourage LoCo teams to lead more
classroom sessions, I don't think the point in the release cycle is as
important as for an event like UDW or UOW. However, we would want to
make sure that it doesn't fall on any holidays.

 * What should the sessions be about?

One suggestion that I received concerning this point was to create a
base presentation or just a base topic and then have each LoCo present
it in their own language and answer questions from the audience about
it. By going with the base presentation approach, everyone in the
community (regardless of the language they speak) would be able to
learn from the session. We could also allow LoCos to choose the topic
of the session and then try and encourage them to translate the
session to English on the wiki so other teams could learn from it.

 * How will we handle the actual running of #ubuntu-classroom the day
of the event?

Hopefully, by the day of the event, ClassBot will be translated into
all of the languages that will get spoken and tested. It would also be
possible to add an additional field to the ical that allows us to
specify the locale that ClassBot should use on a per-session basis.
That way, we wouldn't need to manually change the locale at the start
of each session. For the instructor introductions, if we decide to
have them, we could ask the instructors to introduce themselves. That
way, they could get done in their native language.

I am sure that there are other details that we will need to sort out,
but these were just a few that I was able to think of while writing
this email. Most of these details should not be too hard to sort out,
and I think that the Classroom Management team could probably handle
that. The tricky part will be getting LoCo teams involved. This will
probably take a fair amount of time and require a lot of work
(contacting people on IRC, sending emails, blogging, answering
questions, etc). This is why I am CCing the LoCo Council on this
email. They have been doing a great job of getting LoCo teams involved
in various community projects over the past few months, and I think
they would be a great help in doing the same thing for this event.

I am interested in hearing what you all think about this idea.

Nathan Handler

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