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Seth Dudenhofer seth at dudenhofer.net
Sun Mar 2 22:41:50 GMT 2008

Christer Edwards wrote:
> On Sun Mar 02, 2008 at 04:50:49PM -0500, Seth Dudenhofer wrote:
>> This is what I wrote up for the fridge/UWN can everyone take a look and
>> give some input?
> Let's hold off on announcing the US Teams and topic until I've spoken
> with Aaron about making sure someone will be available.
> I think it also sounds like we're mixing the new user network goals with
> the classroom goals.  I don't think we want to focus as much on
> welcoming new users as we do on helping existing (or new) users learn
> how to contribute.  We want to help the millions of users around the
> world learn how they, personally, can make ubuntu better.  Does that
> make sense?  We do want to have that personal touch to it, but I think
> just 'helping people feel welcome' is something the teams themselves can
> hopefully do.
> Christer
Re wrote it....

What is ubuntu-classroom?

A place for users to learn how to give back to the community. We want to
be able to show the millions of users of Ubuntu, how they, personally,
can make Ubuntu better. Our goal is to help show users how easy it is to
contribute to Ubuntu. We want to follow up with users to make sure they
continue to contribute.

How can you help? Join the team! We have scheduled meetings every Sunday
at 12UTC 2pm (EST) in gobby (gobby.ubuntu.com) We are looking for
presenters, we may approach you asking for help. Blog about the upcoming
presentations. Invite users to check out a presentation. Sit in on an
interesting presentation yourself. We need users to be available to help
with questions on IRC. We basically need help with everything as we are
just getting started (again).

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom (this is being redone, so check back
(our schedule calendar)

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