Mid-Week Follow Up

Ross Peoples ubuntu.ross.peoples at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 12:26:42 GMT 2008

Trevor and I exchanged an emails, but I've been sick with the flu most 
of the week. I haven't heard from Trevor in a few days, maybe he's got 
it too :) We might need some more time before we can complete the wiki 


Christer Edwards wrote:
> As promised I'm sending out a follow-up email about progress based on
> our meeting last Sunday.  If everyone could reply back with any
> assignments you've been able to finish.  If you've fallen a bit behind
> this could act as a good reminder to see what you can manage in the next
> couple days.
> I don't have much to report but I have a really good excuse ;)  We had a
> baby on Sunday (yes, just hours after our meeting!).  I've been busy
> with new-dad responsibilities so Ubuntu work is on the back burner.
> Christer

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