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Ross Peoples wrote:
> Trevor and I exchanged an emails, but I've been sick with the flu most 
> of the week. I haven't heard from Trevor in a few days, maybe he's got 
> it too :) We might need some more time before we can complete the wiki 
> updates.
> Ross

Yes, sorry. I ran into some unexpected snags of my own, my grandmother
went into the hospital. I have been driving north nearly everyday to
see her. So I apologize for not touching base with someone sooner.

I have made a update to the wiki about our 'reformation' of the Ubuntu
Classroom project. I have not yet posted an agenda for this weekends
meeting. The wiki articles that I have updated are located at:


I am going to have to change that to 'reformation' because
resurrection makes it sound like it was dead. I have held off making
any changes to the original, because I am still wondering how much of
the old team is still around other than Elizabeth B. a.k.a. pleia2 (ya
I could have lookup how to spell her last name, but I didn't).

I am still unclear about what to post for this weekends agenda, other
than the vote on the continuing use of gobby. I personally think it is
a good idea. Lets also look into contacting some of the old classroom
team so we can see who is still interested so we can move ahead with
some clarity.

I will post a agenda outline, sometime tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
I definitely need to update some wiki articles for my Loco team this
weekend anyway.

just my $0.02

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