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Fri Apr 11 20:30:06 BST 2008

One thought to toss out there...

I know I can't commit to certain times unless they happen to be midnight in
my neck of the woods, but I can certainly take on a task here or there. It
might be one way to get us on 'the fringe' to pitch in. Keep a small core
group meeting regularly and get a few of us 'fringers' to commit to a task
or two. A website or wiki to visit that has the meeting dates/times and a to
do list, along with a tasks up for grabs list would also be helpful.

Is there anyone else out there in the same boat - i.e. willing to help in a
small chunk here or there but needing direction? No point in going through
the motions if its just me!


On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 6:22 AM, Christer Edwards <
christer.edwards at> wrote:

> Based on our last meeting not being announced, happening or anyone
> showing up and the previous one getting slower too I wonder if we should
> talk about a better way to handle the meetings.
> Should we try a new day? New time? New venue?
> I would like to help get OpenWeek put together, which is now in the
> planning stages by Jorge and Jono.  They have said we are welcome to
> help by adding ideas and helping come up with presentations.  I was
> hoping to discuss this last week but I've found that the current meeting
> time is difficult with my new baby (didn't have a baby when we started
> the project) ;).
> Any thoughts on how we might jumpstart the openweek planning?
> Christer
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