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Fri Dec 7 05:04:31 GMT 2007

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Ryan Kavanagh wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I finally got around to checking my mail in Kontact (I usually check it in 
> GMail's web interface, save for the Ubuntu MLs, which get downloaded into 
> KMail), and I've found that a bunch of people have subscribed to the list.
> Welcome!
> So, we might as well start off with a short TODO / poll.
> 1. From the last classroom setup with the NUN (to which I am eternally 
> grateful), there are Ubuntu Classroom Guidelines[1], which basically state 
> what should happen before, during and after a class, and are directed towards 
> teachers.  Is there anything you guys recommend changing? Something to add, 
> remove, etc? A couple of points that we might consider adding/removing:
>   1.1 Use #ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions instead of /msg <op> <question>


>   1.2 Drop the requirement to have an instructor for at least two visual
>         interfaces? (KDE and/or GNOME and/or XFCE and/or CLI and/or etc)

Probably makes sense - it's a bit hard to do this way.  We should try to
stay fairly balanced though.

>   1.3 Whatever else?
> 2. Class ideas! What do you guys feel like teaching? Did you want to go from 
> beginner to advanced, kind of like a semester, with each course building on 
> the bases of the previous? Or would you rather alternate between beginner & 
> advanced so that the more advanced people don't have to wait for their 
> course?

I think we should offer things of all skill levels concurrently, but
within the realm of a particular kind of topic we can do progressions.
For instance, say we cover getting a basic Apache installation running
at one point, then two weeks later we could cover adding PHP and MySQL
support to it.  So, build on other things when that makes sense, but
don't structure a whole year linearly.

One thing that I discovered recently and might be willing to teach after
I've had more time to play with it is Off The Record Messaging.  I'd
also be happy to do the aforementioned "intro to apache" type thing.
Hrm, what else do I know..."how to install way too much nonsense and
break things"?

I would like to _attend_ a course series with a general introduction
class on using tools in Ubuntu to work with digital cameras and photos,
in terms of importing, sensible arrangements for storage, workflow,
basic editing, tagging, etc, one on editing photos with GIMP for
effects, corrections, etc., and a third specializing on dealing with RAW
format photos and doing High Dynamic Range coolness to them.  (I just
got my first digital camera; can you tell?)

> Cheers,
> Ryan
> [1]

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