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Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at
Thu Dec 6 14:27:51 GMT 2007

On 12/5/07, Ryan Kavanagh <ryanakca at> wrote:
> So, we might as well start off with a short TODO / poll.
> 1. From the last classroom setup with the NUN (to which I am eternally
> grateful), there are Ubuntu Classroom Guidelines[1], which basically state
> what should happen before, during and after a class, and are directed towards
> teachers.  Is there anything you guys recommend changing? Something to add,
> remove, etc? A couple of points that we might consider adding/removing:
>   1.1 Use #ubuntu-classroom-chat for questions instead of /msg <op> <question>

+1 This is how Open Week worked and it worked out well, as long as the
questions are posted in #ubuntu-classroom by an op or the instructor
so the logs make sense :)

>   1.2 Drop the requirement to have an instructor for at least two visual
>         interfaces? (KDE and/or GNOME and/or XFCE and/or CLI and/or etc)

+1 Very few people have mastered multiple interfaces well enough to
have a class on both. We'll specify in the announcement precisely what
we're covering in a class.

>   1.3 Whatever else?

"1.3.1 Creating and linking to the classes Wiki"

This explains that the instructor should make up a wiki page for their
class. We've sort of discussed this off-list and have wondered if it
was too much of a burden for the instructor. Maybe do something like
"We want you to do a writeup, but we have volunteers to doso if you
absolutely can't"

> 2. Class ideas! What do you guys feel like teaching? Did you want to go from
> beginner to advanced, kind of like a semester, with each course building on
> the bases of the previous? Or would you rather alternate between beginner &
> advanced so that the more advanced people don't have to wait for their
> course?

I'd rather alternate between beginner and advanced as much as
possible, if we have more people offering beginner or advanced classes
we'll schedule as close to that format as possible. Again, in the
announcements we can specify the difficulty of the course and link to
prerequisite courses or reading materials where appropriate.

Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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