[Ubuntu-ch] SwissRemix: Call for Artwork

Pascal Mages pascal at planetmages.ch
Wed Dec 1 15:19:25 GMT 2010

Hi all

Maybe you could include the current edition of Studio!Sus which topic is 
on "digital sustainability". The articles are all CC licensed.
You find the PDF here: 

And more Info on the Webseite http://www.studiosus.project21.ch

One article plus some additional contributions are from me.


Am 01.12.2010 08:34, schrieb Daniel Stoni:
> Hello all
> This is another request for the upcoming Ubuntu SwissRemix.
> The SwissRemix includes much more software than a regular Ubuntu. A DVD
> is required to contain all the material selected. Yet there is room left
> which we used to fill up with extra material (Windows Programs, Texts,
> Movies).
> There is this idea to fill the new DVD with Swiss Knowledge&  Artwork,
> published under a free license. People interested may send links to
> their material via ML or directly to info at teamubuntu.ch by end of this
> week. We will scan the material provided and decide what to include.
> Artwork of Interest
> - Wallpapers (to be transferred to the installations, material should be
> scaled and ready for use)
> - Short Videos, Fotos, Drawings (only on DVD, /extras, open media
> formats preferred)
> - Free Music (on DVD, /extras, oggs/mp3 preferred)
> - Free Texts (on DVD, /extras, pdf/txt/odf preferred)
> - Sound Themes (to be transferred to the installation)
> Please ensure there is clear indication of the license attached to the
> work submitted.
> Links to swiss websites containing material valuable for users of our
> free software desktop are welcome, too. (community sites, free media
> portals, other useful links and information sources)
> Thank you for your contributions, kind regards, /dsto
> ***

In a world without walls and fences we don't need Windows and Gates!

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