[Ubuntu-ch] SwissRemix: Call for Artwork

Daniel Stoni dsto at stoni.ch
Wed Dec 1 07:34:10 GMT 2010

Hello all

This is another request for the upcoming Ubuntu SwissRemix.

The SwissRemix includes much more software than a regular Ubuntu. A DVD 
is required to contain all the material selected. Yet there is room left 
which we used to fill up with extra material (Windows Programs, Texts, 

There is this idea to fill the new DVD with Swiss Knowledge & Artwork, 
published under a free license. People interested may send links to 
their material via ML or directly to info at teamubuntu.ch by end of this 
week. We will scan the material provided and decide what to include.

Artwork of Interest
- Wallpapers (to be transferred to the installations, material should be 
scaled and ready for use)
- Short Videos, Fotos, Drawings (only on DVD, /extras, open media 
formats preferred)
- Free Music (on DVD, /extras, oggs/mp3 preferred)
- Free Texts (on DVD, /extras, pdf/txt/odf preferred)
- Sound Themes (to be transferred to the installation)
Please ensure there is clear indication of the license attached to the 
work submitted.

Links to swiss websites containing material valuable for users of our 
free software desktop are welcome, too. (community sites, free media 
portals, other useful links and information sources)

Thank you for your contributions, kind regards, /dsto

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