[Ubuntu-ch] Release Party in Bern this Saturday!

Dirk Deimeke dirk at deimeke.net
Fri Nov 20 09:30:02 GMT 2009

Hi Myriam

> I am flabbergasted at the amount of enthusiasm on a Team list with 205
> subscribers!
> Since 2 month I have sent mails and mails to this list asking for help
> for the Release Party and, besides the usual 2 people who are *always*
> helping, no response...


> As already stated in my mails in the last two months, I am currently
> extremely busy with work and really don't have much time, but if
> somebody wants to talk to me about the issue, I am available by phone
> at 078 894 05 65. Please leave a message if I don't answer
> immediately.

It seems to be the same every time towards the and of the year again.

We all, including yourself, are very busy in our main jobs. Quite a  
bunch of events, conferences and barcamps are taking place in the last  
quarter of a year. The buinesses are doing end-of-year processing.

To sum that up: That means all of us are busy right now and maybe our  
life partners as well, there are many duties to be shared and done  
right now.

No need to justify myself, but I had some very buy days visiting  
conferences and barcamps around and right now the end-of-year period  
in my job and life begins. The same applies to my wife.

This is only my point of view.



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