[Ubuntu-ch] Fwd: Ubuntu's Campus Plans?

Carlos Diener carlos at diener.li
Tue Mar 17 10:43:07 GMT 2009

> It would be a nice idea if we had some Ubuntu representatives in the
> major universities and technical high schools of Switzerland. I know
> of quite some of our members being at ETHZ and EPFL, I think it could
> be useful if we had a complete list of people who are available as
> Ubuntu contacts at these places.
The Zurich University of Applied Sciences has his own LUG and I'm part of it. 
Last year I had a speak abount K/Ubuntu and there are some ideas for more 
activities. If there's no other around who wants to be the representatives for 
our school, I can take this part.

> PS. We really should organize another Switzerland-wide meeting of the
> relevant groups being active in the country and agree on a far more
> efficient way to communicate in the future. If only such a meeting
> could be organized and announced in a reasonable time frame to allow
> people to be present (like, getting your day off and having enough
> money to afford travel through half the country on that particular
> day, not everybody gets reduced fares). Yes, I know, my usual rant...
As usual, if it's not to wide to travel (money) and the date is OK, I'm glad 
to join.

Carlos / emonkey

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