[Ubuntu-ch] Production of Ubuntu and Kubuntu Swiss Remix DVD of Hardy Heron

Matthias Stürmer mailinglists at stuermer.ch
Sun Mar 23 12:05:30 GMT 2008


This Wednesday, the general assembly of /ch/open decided to finance 2000
copies of the Ubuntu Swiss Remix of Hardy Heron including the complete
German and French language packages. Since leanux.ch decided to
participate in the sponsorship, we're now able to produce DVDs which may
include Kubuntu as well. The rest of the disc space we plan on filling
with additional (K)Ubuntu packages as well as with open source
applications for Windows from http://www.opensource-dvd.de/  Also if
demand is there, we can include the complete English and Italian
language packages.

Please let me know which OSS Linux and Windows applications you'd like
to have on the DVD and if you have any other suggestions how to improve
the Swiss Remix: http://ch-open.ch/sigs/ubuntu/



Matthias Stürmer | matthias at stuermer.ch | http://stuermer.ch

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