[Ubuntu-ch] ZH RP (p)reviews at the Ubuntu Meeting

Ramon Cahenzli rca at fsfe.org
Fri Jul 18 14:58:05 BST 2008

Hi Jaap,

> Might that be an idea to see if a similar although obviously smaller
> scale initiative can be pursued to attract more people next time,
> what would advertisements cost, what newspaper, and would it be
> possible to collect enough money?

Good idea. For the areas that have commuters, ads in 20 Minuten and
perhaps Blick am Abend surely reach a large audience, although I'm not
exactly sure if it's the kind of audience that cares enough about
computers to read something like that?

A quarter-page ad in 20 Minuten in the entire German-speaking part of
Switzerland costs CHF 10'485.-, for example. A 1/8th page is still 
5295.- [1]

1/8th page in the "Events" list is only 2390.-, but I'm afraid that in
that sort of layout, the party would not be visible enough.

All prices are about half that amount if you reduce to the Zürich area
only. I'm not an expert with ads or layout terms, so maybe there are
cheaper options. Is anyone more skilled and wants to have a look at the
various price lists?  :) [1]

I'm sure a paid ad would work better -- none of the mainstream media 
took notice last time, although I've sent our announcement to every 
event announcement address of every paper I could find.


[1] http://www.20min.ch/intern/story/31447959

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