[Ubuntu-ch] ZH RP (p)reviews at the Ubuntu Meeting

Jaap Hoetmer jaap at hoetmer.ch
Wed Jul 16 19:32:04 BST 2008

Thinking back to when Firefox 1.0 was launched
(http://www.mozilla.org/press/mozilla-2004-12-15.html), they did quite a
remarkable thing: collect enough money amongst Firefox enthusiasts to
place a two page advert in the New York Times about the launch. Might
that be an idea to see if a similar although obviously smaller scale
initiative can be pursued to attract more people next time, what would
advertisements cost, what newspaper, and would it be possible to collect
enough money? Maybe sponsoring could help?

Just a thought.



Dirk Deimeke schreef:
> Hi,
>> As an unofficial Ubuntu contributor, I don't see a great need to
>> celebrate that we have made yet another release as such. There's a new
>> release every 6 months. Who want to celebrate his birthday twice a
>> year? There are enough introvert FOSS cabals that worship their own
>> 733t existence.
> good point. I agree.
> My wife changed to Ubuntu with her new notebook. What is most boring
> for her are the tons of updates which are coming.
> >From that perspective I think the Hardy begins to get usable right now.
> Cheers
> Dirk

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