[Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo answer... more questions :)

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch
Thu Jul 5 10:33:58 BST 2007

Hi Tribaal,

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>Hi Carlos
>I would be delighted to attend with you guys, but:
>1. I don't speak a single word of German/Swiss German, unfortunately :(
>I do however speak fluent French and English. Is this a no-go?

Absolutely no, because in Zürich people speaking English are certainly welcome :-)

>2. I don't have my schedule for next year, so I don't know if I'll be
>available at all... Is it possible to mark me as "attending if possible"?

Of course, no problem, just try to tell us ASAP if you can not attend. We will anyway try to schedule more than one person at the booth for both days.

>Also, what exactly are attendees supposed to do? Just answering random
>questions about our favorite distro? Are we supposed to have standard
>answers to most common questions? Do we have a "briefing" before the event?

I'm thinking of writing a "Booth Howto" to be ready on the wiki for all. I vaguely remember something similar already existing on the Ubuntu wiki, maybe in the marketing aerea, will digg that tonight, promised.

But basically yes, we are the Ubuntu SwissTeam so we show people what Ubuntu (and its flavors) can do for them, hand out CDs, flyers, answer silly questions, spread Ubuntu Love and promote our favorite distro.

>Otherwise, is there anything else I can help with without attending the
>show itself? the printed posters I ordered from Jenda are under way, so
>I guess I can put the few I have in extra to contribution here... Is
>this necessary?

I don't know how much material we already have for the booth, I will update my "stock" tonight and we will have to check in the next weeks if we will place an order for swag, topic for next weeks IRC meeting IMHO :-)



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