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Wed Mar 15 19:46:09 UTC 2017

Well firstly, im pretty sure you can schedule when to download emails, 
and with desktop integration, you can get notifications, through one 
channel, whenever any one of your email accounts, even your own server 
email accounts get a message.

And some people prefer to avoid using google services unnecessarily.  
It's basically the good thing to do, using gmail probably isnt, i 
figure. Also, when you download a local copy, it's more efficient to 
retirve it locally, for the vast majority, i shold then, than 
contastnalyty accessing the cloud for repeat requests for the same data, 
is just environmentally irresponsible, too,.  basically, using gmail, is 
probably dumb, so a good option exists, and probably it's used, there ya 
go. next time *maybe* do you own homework, im sure it's written in a  
guide, on how to be decent.  Sometimes we all make mistakes tho.  
anyhow, best wishes, farewell.

On 15/03/2017 11:36 AM, Raymond House wrote:
> Hello all, I have been using ubuntu for many years now and I still 
> don't know what is the use of thunderbird.It duplicates my gmail 
> account,is slow,and seems complicated.I have been trying once more to 
> use it and it just seems to be a duplication of gmail (or any other 
> mail service).I'm probably missing something here but after many bouts 
> with it I still don't get it.I am wondering why it is always on all 
> the new distros? I suppose some people like it, I don't.This is one of 
> the rare things that bug me about ubuntu, because I would never use 
> any other OS.Thanks.

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