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Raymond House raymondh40 at
Mon Mar 23 16:25:43 UTC 2015

Nothing came up with the first command but here is the result of the second
command: raymond at raymond-HP-Pavilion-TS-15-Notebook-PC:~$  find $HOME -name
/home/raymond/Downloads/anonymizer_universal_openvpn (2)/lib/au/client.key
/home/raymond/Downloads/anonymizer_universal_openvpn (2)/lib/au/client.crt
/home/raymond/Downloads/anonymizer_universal_openvpn (3)/lib/au/client.key
/home/raymond/Downloads/anonymizer_universal_openvpn (3)/lib/au/client.crt
raymond at raymond-HP-Pavilion-TS-15-Notebook-PC:~$

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 12:07 PM, Stephen M. Webb <
stephen.webb at> wrote:

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> On 15-03-23 11:50 AM, Raymond House wrote:
> > Hi Steven, sorry about the error, I always copy/paste when I'm
> attempting a command line command and I should have
> > done that here too. Here it is as per the Open VPN link :*openvpn
> --config client.ovpn*
> Perhaps this is another "current working directory issue".  Let's start by
> looking for the config file in question by
> issuing the following command.
>   find $HOME -name client.ovpn
> That command should traverse your entire home directory tree looking for a
> file named "client.ovpn" in whatever
> directory it's stored in and print its full path to the screen.  Either it
> will do that, at which point you can
> cut-and-paste the entire absolute path into your "openvpn --config"
> command, or will not find it because it is not there.
> If the file is not found, you can use wildcards to match a part of the
> file name.  The wildcards have to be escaped
> from the shell parser or else it will try to "glob" then (that is, expand
> them by matching file names in the current
> working directory).  You could try something like this.
>   find $HOME -name 'client.*'
> to match all files beginning with the string "client".  Note those are
> single quotes (apostrophes), not back ticks or
> double quotes.  Let's just hope the first suggestion works and the file is
> found in a subdirectory somewhere.
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