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On 15-03-23 11:50 AM, Raymond House wrote:
> Hi Steven, sorry about the error, I always copy/paste when I'm attempting a command line command and I should have
> done that here too. Here it is as per the Open VPN link :*openvpn --config client.ovpn*

Perhaps this is another "current working directory issue".  Let's start by looking for the config file in question by
issuing the following command.

  find $HOME -name client.ovpn

That command should traverse your entire home directory tree looking for a file named "client.ovpn" in whatever
directory it's stored in and print its full path to the screen.  Either it will do that, at which point you can
cut-and-paste the entire absolute path into your "openvpn --config" command, or will not find it because it is not there.

If the file is not found, you can use wildcards to match a part of the file name.  The wildcards have to be escaped
from the shell parser or else it will try to "glob" then (that is, expand them by matching file names in the current
working directory).  You could try something like this.

  find $HOME -name 'client.*'

to match all files beginning with the string "client".  Note those are single quotes (apostrophes), not back ticks or
double quotes.  Let's just hope the first suggestion works and the file is found in a subdirectory somewhere.

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