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Thank you Very Much!
I will definitely look into this.
I use G Phone right now.

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> Hi ,
> To close the Skype discussion , please  go to
>  .
> Conclusion : the replacement of Skype with a free software is one of the
> high priority projects of * <>* , but if you need a
> Voice-over-IP for family or business reasons today ,there are not many
> alternative to Skype .
> *I am not going to speak about Skype anymore till we have a free software
> replacement.*
> Ciao
> Piero
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> Free software replacement for Skype<>
> Skype is a proprietary Voice-over-IP program that uses a proprietary
> protocol. Skype is seducing free software users into using proprietary
> software, often two users at a time. Using proprietary phone software means
> that we can't be sure who is listening in, because we can't see the code.
>  [image: Donate to this project]<>
> The Chinese government, for example, was found to have been spying on
> Skype conversations already, and they are probably not the only ones. We do
> not want to encourage the creation of a Skype compatible client, but
> instead, we want to encourage you to create, contribute to, or promote the
> use of free software replacements for Skype, such as Ekiga, and to
> encourage adoption and use of free VoIP, video, and chat protocols such as
> SIP and XMPP/Jingle.
> *Ways to help.* Developers are needed to work on the projects developing
> a free software replacement for Skype. There are a number of such programs<>,
> such as Ekiga <>, Twinkle<>,
> Coccinella <>, QuteCom <>, and
> Jitsi <>. Unfortunately, these programs only replace
> some of Skype's functionality, and only in some situations. WebRTC<>has a mission to enable rich, high quality, Real-Time Communications (RTC)
> applications to be developed in the browser via simple Javascript APIs and
> HTML5. Developers should consider helping free software VoIP and video,
> chat, and multimedia communications projects.
> *Not a developer? There's still a lot you can do.* Using one of the free
> software Skype replacements listed above is a great start. You can also
> help by contributing to the documentation and tutorials for such projects,
> as well as filing feature and bug requests.
> Everyone can track progress and stay up to date with replacements for
> Skype on the LibrePlanet wiki<>
> .
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