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Hi Stephen,Freedom of speech was probably the wrong term.

I too am guilty of using the M Dollar sign, but it is not always derogatory
it is just a short form that leaves no doubt what you are referring to.

I would not know what MS means without the dollar sign my first thought is
Multiple Sclerosis, I never would have thought Mark Shuttleworth.

"Linux enthusiasts have a tendency to be dismissed as rabid fanatics"
You have given me some points to think about.

So Thank you for taking the time to explain. :-)


On 2 March 2014 10:54, Stephen M. Webb <stephen.webb at> wrote:

> On 03/02/2014 09:43 AM, LP wrote:
> > I am not as experienced at Linux as most of you here, maybe all, I am
> the perpetual Noob since Ubuntu 7.04 I do not
> > do Politics, I don't know how, I do the Truth & I try to be Polite.
> George Carlin, "They are only words, it is all
> > in the context."
> >
> > "Oh, and by the way, "MS" also stands for Mark Shuttleworth, founder of
> Ubuntu.  Typing 'M$' instead of Microsoft
> > is nothing but a cheap and cliché shot" (I don't see the difference ?
> and no i am not being a wise guy they are the
> > same) Freedom of speech.
> I do not believe anyone's freedom of speech is being encroached here in
> any way.  Please feel free to enlighten me.
> Unfortunately, I can not parse the parenthetical sentence above so I can
> not address it.
> > Sometimes I just don't understand what all the commotion is about.
> Linux enthusiasts have a tendency to be dismissed as rabid fanatics who
> have nothing of value to say.  This image is
> constantly reinforced by the juvenile and disrespectful use of derogatory
> terms in many of the social media
> contributions made by enthusiasts.  It does not bring anything positive to
> one's writings to demonstrate puerile or
> sophomoric forms of disrespect for anyone or anything.  What it does do is
> bring the image of Linux into disrepute,
> and that is something we, as a LoCo, should be trying to remedy.
> The use of terms such as "Micro$oft", "MicroSloth", "Windoze", and so
> forth are not original and do not make one look
> clever.  Quite the opposite. I remember seeing "Micro$oft" used in the
> late 1980s.  The unfortunate consequence of the
> widespread use of such cliché insult terms is disrespect for Linux by the
> wider community.  That affects me, personally.
> I would encourage anyone involved in Linux to take the high road.  Respect
> others and earn respect in return.
> To quote from the Ubuntu Code of Conduct:
> Be respectful
> Disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. We work together to resolve
> conflict, assume good intentions and do our
> best to act in an empathic fashion. We don't allow frustration to turn
> into a personal attack. A community where
> people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one.
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