Linux Hour in Toronto?

gord campbell gordc2005 at
Sat May 25 23:38:07 UTC 2013

I'm considering having a "Linux Hour" in Toronto on July 1.

City Councillor Shelley Carroll sponsors an afternoon celebration at the
Oriole Community Centre, on Don Mills Road between Sheppard and Finch.
She offers tables to "community groups." Shelley is a buddy, and I'm
pretty sure I could get a table if I asked. The event typically draws a
few hundred people.

If one other person would agree to be a co-conspirator, I will go ahead
with this.

I'm thinking we might have a sheet with some key Linux sites. Another
sheet listing major cross-platform open-source applications. A small
stack of DVDs. And, of course, a laptop or two displaying Ubuntu and

I'm not good at signs.

Please send me an email if you could work with me on this.

Gord Campbell
Full Circle Magazine

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