Will Ubuntu Edge commit to using only free software?

Darcy Casselman dscassel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 20:44:40 UTC 2013

sabdfl addressed at least the binary blobs part of the question in the AMA:

"There may be blobs in the first generation device. The way to a blob-free
future is to show demand from folks who care about that, not to be
ideological about it."

He also talked about the potential for the device being open hardware:

> This first version of the Edge is to prove the concept of crowdsourcing
> ideas for innovation, backed by crowdfunding. If it gets greenlighted, then
> I think we'll have an annual process by which the previous generation
> backers get to vote on the spec for the next generation of Edge.
> So in this first generation Edge, no, we didn't look for open hardware
> specifically. We can choose silicon with more open drivers as we finalise
> the spec, but again I think the priority for the CPU / GPU will be
> performance to hit the goal of convergence.
> In future generations, it would be great to see if we can do an all-open
> device, for example.

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Kip Warner <kip at thevertigo.com> wrote:

> With $32 million to spend, will Canonical and Ubuntu commit to software
> freedom as the foundational design principle?
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> https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/will-ubuntu-edge-commit-to-using-only-free-software
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