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If the partitions from the previous install are still accessible from a
bootable USB stick, then there's a good chance that only the boot loader
(GRUB) on the hard drive needs to be re-installed.

It's best to use the same version of Ubuntu on the USB stick that you
have installed on the hard drive.

This is all done from a commandline terminal.

0. If you're not logged in as root you can do it with:
     sudo -i

1. Mount the Ubuntu partition (if it isn't mounted already)
     mount /dev/sda1 /target
   Your Ubuntu partition may not be on sda1; be sure to use the correct
   block device name

2. Switch the root context to the Ubuntu partition
     chroot /target

3. Install grub to the drive (note: sda not sda1)
     grub-install /dev/sda

4. For good measure, ensure that grub is up-to-date

If you have a different version of Ubuntu you'll have to mount or
softlink system folders like /bin and /sbin -- let us know if that's a


On 13-12-15 12:02 PM, William Frick wrote:
> This morning I did a software update to my 12.04 install.  Upon
> restart it failed to load completely and hung. After a few tries I
> tried: 1 Previous versions - same problem 2. recovery mode - fsck
> 'clean' - safe graphic mode - fail - repair packages - no report
> suspect hang 3. Boot from stick - okay 4. Decided to try upgrading to
> 13.10 but release note say must go from 13.04 not 12.04. Can't find
> an ISO of 13.04 amd 64 ...... 5. Do I reinstall 12.04 and then
> upgrade from there ?  My hard disk is okay and I can mount home
> directories okay.
> Any advice before I commit to irreparable changes ?


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