Upgrade confusion

William Frick wfrick at rogers.com
Sun Dec 15 17:02:29 UTC 2013

This morning I did a software update to my 12.04 install.  Upon restart it failed to load completely and hung.
After a few tries I tried:
    1 Previous versions - same problem
    2. recovery mode - fsck 'clean'
                                    - safe graphic mode - fail
                                    - repair packages - no report suspect hang
    3. Boot from stick - okay  
    4. Decided to try upgrading to 13.10 but release note say must go from 13.04 not 12.04. Can't find an ISO of 13.04 amd 64 ...... 
    5. Do I reinstall 12.04 and then upgrade from there ?  My hard disk is okay and I can mount home directories okay.

Any advice before I commit to irreparable changes ?
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