gord campbell gordc2005 at
Mon Oct 29 02:25:09 UTC 2012

For those who are still wondering, under System Settings there is a
Privacy setting. You can turn "online" for searches off there. It's the
first thing I do after installing 12.10, which I have done several
times. :(

It runs OK until I install Nvidia Current. Oh, except for the random,
total system lockups, which are absolutely not caused by hardware or
overheating. I dual boot Mint 13 (64-bit with Cinnamon) and Mint has
never crashed in the five months it has been installed. Nor did Ubuntu
10.10 before it.

On Mon, 2012-10-29 at 02:06 +0000, ubuntu-ca-request at
> Ok, for some reason I could not dump amazon using the software center
> but I
> just tried it now and it worked. I certainly don't want that
> commercial
> venture in my computer and absolutely don't need it. Thanks to all for
> your
> suggestions and yes, I forgot to google it. what does Imgtfy mean
> anyway?

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