basic comp parts in Calgary?

Patrick Cohan cvlug at
Mon Apr 23 00:17:52 UTC 2012

Future Shop on 32nd Ave should have it... or try this guy
*Mike Hawkins*
Phone: 403.277.5145

There is no free geek outlet in cowtown.

On 12-04-22 04:09 PM, Ralph Pichie wrote:
> Where do I find non-ripoff computer components in Calgary? I've wasted
> absurd amounts of time looking for a simple AC power cord for a
> desktop.
> $$$, deer-in-headlight looks or silly suggestions of Ebay are all I
> get. I want this puppy up and running without waiting another week
> until I can get to Edmonton to get the items out of storage.
> No, Walmart does not have such.
> Any suggestions? Chinatown? Small shop somewhere? Lost graveyard of PCs?

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