Assistance, SVP

Ralph Pichie thevillagegeek at
Wed Sep 14 05:26:15 UTC 2011

You may recall my project to equip students and families in Slave
Lake, Alberta with replacement computers for those lost in the big
fire back in May. That effort has helped quite a few people with more
than 45 systems shipped to people who need them. I have several more
to prepare and just myself to do it. In order to get these computers
ready and shipped to students in time to assist with distance courses,
I need help with testing, installation and movement of the computers.
Help with making software CDs would also be useful. A few people for a
few hours should do it. This would be a good opportunity for students
of system administration to get hands-on experience with installation
and working with older computer hardware.

The location would be at ENTS, and the time probably an evening during
the next week or two, though not a Thursday.

Please contact me by email if you are willing and able to help.


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