Rescheduled IRC meeting in November

Mark Ueki Mina themarker0 at
Wed Oct 26 07:51:17 UTC 2011

I'll try to attend for once. Maybe I'll post up some signs around res. Anyone good with Inkscape?

Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 00:48:10 -0400
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Subject: Rescheduled IRC meeting in November


    Hi all:  Just a heads-up that the Ubuntu
      Canada IRC meeting will be held simultaneously a week earlier and
      an hour later than normal.  That is, on Tuesday, 1 November at
      8:00pm EDT.


      It was moved a week earlier to avoid a collision with an Art Show
      opening at Kwartzlab[1], where some of us have been known to
      gather to participate in IRC IRL (Internet Relay Chat In Real


      It was moved an hour later so that the West Coast folks can join
      us at 5:00pm PDT, and don't have to take an extra hour off work.
      Also, it means that Darcy can take a leisurely stroll from work
      instead of the usual mad scramble.


      Full details about the IRC meeting at




      [1] "Geek of Nature" Opening Reception at Kwartzlab:

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