Province teams

gord campbell gordc2005 at
Tue Nov 1 14:59:42 UTC 2011

Bob said: "Here in Kitchener Waterloo we have a strong local group, so
that keeps interest up, even for national or global events, but that's
because we meet locally for those national and global events.  Having
the "home team" as a provincial team instead of a national team wouldn't
make much difference.

"I'd keep the national team, and concentrate on getting people doing
local events (Ubuntu Hours, release parties, jams, hackathons, &c.)"

Yup!  I would love to get involved with a Toronto or GTA LUG, but don't
really care about national or provincial groups.

BTW, I consider IRC just so 1989. There's no way I want to be pinned
down to logging on at a specific time.

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