Ubuntu demo laptop at Umi Cafe - Ottawa

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Thu Sep 16 02:48:43 UTC 2010

Probably too late for that particular keyboard now, but plain old 
cellulose wrap (think Saran Wrap) like you'd find in restaurants makes a 
dandy keyboard cover for keyboards that don't have much vertical key 
travel (like laptops).  Just don't stretch it too tight.  If it gets too 
filthy or starts to tear then just peel it off and put new on.

There are also companies that manufacture keyboard skins: 


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On 10-09-14 11:05 PM, Ralph Pichie wrote:
> Last Friday morning, I managed to get over to the Umi Cafe at Somerset
> and Percy to check on the condition of the laptop that I helped to
> deploy there last summer. After nearly a year without updates, it was
> running strong. (Guess which family of OS it isn't running....) There
> was no time to upgrade from Jaunty to Lucid, but I did do an update to
> the system before heading out of town.
> While it runs fine, from an operating system and software perspective,
> I discovered that five keys are missing from the keyboard, something
> that makes typing more of a challenge than it should be. I did
> recommend covering the keys with something when I did the setup, but
> the cafe staff did not go for that at the time. A rubber keyboard
> would have been another excellent choice, being relatively
> invulnerable to such petty vandalism and easy to sanitize.
> Anybody have a surplus roll-up keyboard that they could securely
> attach? If so, that would make the experience much nicer for the
> potential new users of free software that the laptop attracts.
> Ralph

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