ubuntu-ca.org needs help!

Mark Ueki Mina themarker0 at hotmail.com
Fri May 7 00:33:57 UTC 2010

Maybe have a staff then? 6-10 users that are say have a moderator status (Can't think of a better explaination) and have an FTP account and a spare limited admin account somewhere to watch over drupal. It can be done. A huge success story is a site i am a part of, Acctrade.org. As a community we've done that without FTP access for about 2 years, and until last month hadn't called our actual admins. 

An ideal setup is two main admins 3 Super moderaters (like status wise) and 4 moderators (drupal wiki and IRC)

MAdmin MAdmin

Smod Smod Smod

Mod Mod Mod Mod

That way if one has to go away, someone can move up the ladder. It can be worked, as long as propper measures are taken into effect. :)


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> Subject: Re: ubuntu-ca.org needs help!
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> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Mark Ueki Mina <themarker0 at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> >
> > I did some reading, we can host ourselves, we just need a canadian based
> > VPS. I put an idea forward on the IRC months ago to get corporate sponsors
> > to help pay for one. This was back when there was no talking lol. Though
> > here, i found a cheap Xen based VPS. https://www.sevenl.net/
> >
> > We could get 128mb ram 10gb hdd and 50 bandwidth and webmin for 25 dollars a
> > month. To pay we could either all donate, or better yet, go to a large
> > company, (Tiger direct, Canada Computers) and at the footer add "Server
> > proudly sponsored by XXXXXXXXXXX"
> Yes, we could host it ourselves, but the challenge with that is that
> then we have to make certain the person who admins it doesn't
> disappear. The advantage of Canonical is that non-active people (ahem,
> myself) can be bypassed easily.
> Corey
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