Pedro I. Sanchez psanchez at colcan.biz
Wed May 30 21:16:48 UTC 2007

Maurice Murphy wrote:
> I recently changed computers, reverting to my old Dell 8250 to get rid 
> of a BIOS error on my HP Media Centre box.  The Dell has an Intel 
> 82801BA-ICH2 sound card.  I now find that my volume/mute control does 
> not work. 
> But, I can control the volume and mute when in TVtime by use of the 
> arrow keys and 'M' on the keyboard.  Similarly, the volume control 
> included in Totem-xine works just fine, enabling me to mute all sound by 
> holding down the '-' sign on the Totem volume control.
> Does anyone have an idea how I might get the regular Feisty volume 
> control to work? (I have tried all the available preferences and ensured 
> that none of the choices available in 'Open Volume Control' are muted.)
> Thanks, Maurice

Just a guess. Your sound applet may be configured to operate on the
wrong PCM control (there might be more than one). Right-click on it and
select the right "track" to control.


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