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  I tried reading Rute and I found it a bit hard for a guy like me with no programing skills and noob to Linux.... I got lost at the beginning of scripting (regular expressions). It's a really good book thou...

  I'm reading at the moment "Linux administrator - Street Smarts" on my spare time at work and I'm liking it. Got it for 35.99 on Chapters...

  Other 3 sites that have interesting info are:

- Linux Documentation Project Guides

- Linux Command.og



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> Hey all, I have a quick question pertaining to online information sources.

> Today I was in Chapters and I saw a few very good books on Ubuntu--one in

> particular called Ubuntu Unleashed. It had tonnes of information packed in

> chronological, logical order.

> I really wanted it, but I couldn't justify dishing out nearly $80 for a book

> (actually my better half talked me out of it...probably for the best).

> Anyway, that got me thinking...there must be information available like

> this, somewhere on the net? I do frequent, and I love it,

> but the reason why I liked these books was because it presented information

> to me that I wasn't going out to get. Instead, I could turn from page to

> page and become a better Ubuntu user because of what I'd learn.

> Also, I've already downloaded the "Official" Ubuntu book, and it has been

> helpful, but what if I want to get some hacks or more in depth info?

> Thanks in advance,

> Tee Jay

You could dig into the various documents on

(and it seems versions 6.06 and 6.10 contains book-like pdf files)

My personal favourite a few years back was the RUTE book:

Not Ubuntu specific (it was created in 2002), but you can get the PDF

to print your own book.  And most of it is fundamental Unix/Linux

stuff applicable to any Linux distro:


1.1 What This Book Covers

This book covers GNU/LINUX system administration, for popular

distributions like RedHat and Debian, as a tutorial for new users and

a reference for advanced administrators. It aims to give concise,

thorough explanations and practical examples of each aspect of a UNIX

system. Anyone who wants a comprehensive text on (what is commercially

called) ``LINUX'' need look no further--there is little that is not

covered here.



Daniel Robitaille


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