Partitioning Question

Tee Jay Rosene teejayrosene at
Sat May 5 15:18:45 UTC 2007

Hi Tee Jay,

I drove everybody nuts with that exact question in Jan-Feb. Those e-mails
should be in the mail list archives. I have a large HD as well. I created a
40GB Windows OS partition for XP, a second 40 GB partion for my Ubuntu OS,
then for the rest of the space I used partions and extended partions for
data. There were a bunch of questions around what type of formatting for the
partitions, NTFS, EXT2, etc, and whether to create seperate
partitions/directories for the home/root directories etc.

Everybody gave really good detailed advice in thier replies, I hope you can
find it. If let me know if you can't and I can forward them


Thanks Darren,
Perhaps you can forward those replies to me?
I'm stuck right now as to what to decide. I'd like to install Kubuntu
7.04, and I'm looking at the 3 separate options, one of which I won't
be using (Guided - use entire disk).
I'm undecided between the first option and inserting a "new partition
size" and changing the partition to 50% (In this area, what is changed
to 50%? Windows, or Kubuntu?)
Or do I do the manual install? The manual install seems pretty
daunting and complicated.
All I want is 50% hard drive space for Windows, and 50% for Kubuntu.

Thanks in advance,
Tee Jay

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