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On 1/24/07, Don and/or Mila Trombley <donmila at> wrote:
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>  I tried the suggested options and the only thing they did was to just boot
> me out of Xubuntu, without shutting off
>  the computer.... Oh well, I guess there is, for now, no  other way than
> "Hard Shutdown" (press the button, please!) :-(
>  It would be interesting to know what the Internal Control code for
> powerroff is for the "power control chip" so one could
>  create a program for the Packard Bell Synera  P2 Processor.
the "power control chip" is called the ACPI subsystem although for
your case it's most probably it's legacy sibling called APM. It
basically enables software to talk directly to your BIOS and do power
management. I didn't chip in the conversation until now since I don't
know know how to fix your problem but it can be a big clue of what's
going on. Some legacy motherboard like yours can have a wonky
implementation that can cause Linux to not shut down automatically.

>  BTW: I wonder if one could exchange the Pentium 2 processor for a P 3,
> without any modification to the motherboard? :-\
Not really, they are not pin compatible more so if you try to put p3
socket in a p2 slot. I don't remember if you can put a p3 slot in a p2
slot but I wouldn't count on it. A better idea would be to shop for a
new computer since there are getting pretty cheap nowadays. For 500$
you get a lot more bang for your buck than you used to.

Hopes this helps,


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