Ubuntu Sudbury

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Sat Jan 13 01:35:40 UTC 2007

Hello Tee Jay,

There once was a group called NOLUG -- the Northern Ontario Linux User
Group (www.nolug.ca) -- but it appears to have gone dormant. The last
contact email I have for it is <info at aproposcomputers com>.

(IIRC, it was based in North Bay... if Sudbury is Northeast Ontario,
what does that make North Bay? Or, for that matter, Ottawa? Using
compass points to identify parts of a land mass as oddly shaped as
Ontario just seems to make no sense.)

I hope, between this and the contacts Russell was able to find you on
the CLUE list, that you can create a new LUG in an area not well served.

(One question -- is there any possibility that there are LUGs within
Laurentian or Cambrian that the public doesn't know about? A quick call
to the CS programs at each place should be able to answer that.

- Evan

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