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Dave Sullivan dave at dave-sullivan.com
Thu Jan 11 23:10:48 UTC 2007

Thanks for your response, Frank, this is exactly the kind of thing I
was trying to get from the list, and hence why I am trying to address
the issue. As I mentioned last night, we started in September We're
still in the "just getting started" stage I believe, and as such
things are very trial-and-error right now. I apologize that you felt
disappointed, and I hope we can change that for future meetings.

As I mentioned in my first e-mail, I suggested having a one hour "open
discussion" prior to the actual discussions of agenda topics, because
it occurred to me (duh!) that people might be attending simply to get
support and encouragement, and *then* might be interested in the
promotion/marketing/other projects that we're doing.

Perhaps, based on your suggestions, we could propose:
a) At 6:30, attention is called and we start with round-table
introductions by everyone, newcomers and regulars alike.
b) We then proceed with an open discussion, starting with asking
people why they came and what they're looking to get out of the
meeting, which would develop into a discussion of some kind.
c) At 7:30, the discussion is asked to conclude so that we may move on
to agenda topics. Also at this time, a volunteer is asked to take
notes to be posted on the website/wiki later.

What do you think?

On 1/11/07, Frank McCarron <erebus59 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Funny that you should say "new faces look lost". I have to say that I was
> really quite disappointed in the whole meeting. The webpage and all may say
> "new members welcome" but you walk into a room where:
> - 5 (later 6) people have their noses staring at their laptops (except when
> they are speaking and sometimes even then)
> - they ask who you are but none of the non-new members really introduce
> themselves
> - no one asks why you came or what you thought you might look to get out of
> the meeting
> Sorry, but for me anyway it was a very off-putting meeting.
> Frank in Mississauga
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