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Tom Mckay tom.mckay1 at
Wed Aug 29 08:33:23 UTC 2007

I don't understand why you didn't just create an actual slide show,
save it to the livecd desktop, and have people open in Open Office?
Also a folder containing all images could be present on the desktop as
well if somebody were inclined to do something else with them.

On 8/26/07, Gordon Dey <gordon.dey at> wrote:
> I didn't 'use' anything in the sense of a specific package. I went to the wiki
> and just followed the instructions for customising a live cd posted there. In a
> nutshell, you grab an existing iso, pull out the squashfs, chroot into it and
> tweak it, then back out, remake the squashfs, put it back and patch up the
> md5sums. Here's the url to the wiki page I used:
> It's not rocket science, just tedious. I haven't figured out how to test the
> changes I made to ubiquity before re-squashing, so the test cycle was longer
> that it could be. Radical (i.e. broken) changes means the dm won't come up,
> Wash, rinse, try again. Note also that a directory of pictures squashed won't
> be visible to, say, a bog standard dvd player. Any directory that is, however,
> will be under /cdrom/ on the booted unbuntu box.
> Give it a try: not too tough!
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