promotion ideas

Gordon Dey gordon.dey at
Thu Aug 30 01:58:20 UTC 2007

I was looking for something that would be really easy for someone other than me 
to operate, like an icon on the desktop that could be clicked and the slideshow 
  would start. I got part way there by preloading the gwenview icon with the 
directory and title "slideshow", and of course, the button "slideshow" is right 
front and center of gwenview. User has to take the final steps and first click 
"slideshow" icon and then "sliceshow" button.

Your suggstion, I think, is to take the time to prepare a kpresenter or or 
ooimpress document and put it that somewhere in the squashed fs? Wouldn't it 
up-to double the amount of space required, as the pictures would be both in a 
DVD-able directory and in the presentation with it's meta-data? Thinking of the 
tool, could you encode some sort of auto-flip with a delay mode? We wanted to 
be able to walk away, yet be able to slow it down for discussion purposes, so a 
per-page embedded delay would be tedious. But then again, I'm not really 
familiar with either tool...

All this aside, sounds like another way to "skin a cat". Understand it that 
way. But I'll give it a try next slide show I have to give, probably late 

Heads up: the "desktop" is created out of whole-cloth, i.e. it doesn't exist in 
the squashed fs. Installation creates a home directory on the ram fs, then one 
of the many bottom end scripts does an adduser ubuntu, and then ubiquity is 
used to fill in the contents of the directory. Another piece of script then 
creates links for the Examples and Install icons. It's quite neat. But tedious 
to test.

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