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bradley bradleysatchel at zworg.com
Sat May 27 07:46:24 UTC 2006

"Corey Burger" <corey.burger at gmail.com> wrote: 
> On 5/26/06, Brian Burger <blurdesign at gmail.com> wrote:

> > gnome-look.org is great - I like it's organisation better than art.gnome's,
> > actually.
> Hmm, my brother, I guess I will disagree with you. I find
> art.gnome.org much easier to navigate. I would also take a look at the
> gnome-art tool, which allows browsing and one click install.

well i'm gonna walk the line and say they are both pretty great. (i'll
never step into the middle of a family feud.)

i checked out ubuntu.ca it looks nice-- i like the ubuntu symbol with
the maple leaves, it fits the theme nicely and compliments the rest of
the page.
the maple leaf was such a nice choice for a flag, it is so versatile
--good job sir john a. (or whoever)

and... azureus is now almost working it will minimize to the tray
instead of disappearing but i still get the little warning boxes stuck
in the corner. i don't know if anyone else uses azureus but if it comes
down to it can the little pop-up warnings be disabled? --i didn't see
anything in the options.


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