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Ryan Kavanagh ryanakca at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 20:13:21 UTC 2006

On Thursday 28 December 2006 13:23, Matt Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi everyone, this is my first time posting.  I'd like to let everyone know
> about what I'm doing to promote Ubuntu.  I'm only 14, but I've still done a
> few presentations at my school and locally, and I've distributed quite a
> few CD's.  I find that youth are a great group to appeal to, because lots
> of them need a free/cheap operating system that doesn't need a high end
> computer, and that's what Ubuntu is.  Sorry if I went on a little long.  If
> anyone has any comments or suggestions on what I can do, I'd love to here
> them.  Thanks!
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> Matt Chamberlain
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*Does the I'm not the only person under 15 who contributes to / uses 
(k,x)ubuntu dance*
They are (a great group to appeal to)... except that most youth say "Will I be 
able to play <random windows 3d computer game" when I talk to them about 
linux in general. 
If your wondering on how to contribute... you might be interested in going to 
#ubuntu (irc.freenode.net, port 6667 or 8001) and help new users out.
As tonyyarusso said in his first reply... University students are 
organizing/running something, and it would be interesting to get/find some 
High School students to do the same... 

PS: If there are any Queen's University people/Kingstonians reading this, 
lemme know... we might be able to get something setup at a library or 
somewhere's... a mini install-fest...

Ryan Kavanagh (ryanakca)
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