Big Hard Drive? (The part on OpenOffice Spell Checker)

Alfred alfred.s at
Wed Dec 20 12:25:44 UTC 2006

Hi Tee Jay:

I tried that out, and it is working now! 

Guess we will need to wait for the English Canadian Spilling Mistrake
Checker! LOL!

On Wed, 2006-20-12 at 06:49 -0500, Tee Jay Rosene wrote:
>                 Ran into Open Office, Spell Checker not working at
>                 all, in Ubuntu
>                 6.06-1, and I make lots of Spilling Mistrakes! Not
>                 sure how to go about
>                 fixing this either.
>  To get Spell Check working properly, you'll need to go up into Tools,
> Options, Language. Language is in the menu on the left. Change all the
> defaults to custom settings, like English Canada or whatever. For
> spell checking to work, go into the spell checker box/area and choose
> either English U.S. or English U.K. (for here in Canada); there isn't
> a Canadian spellchecker installed by default. (The languages that are
> supported out of the box have a little "ABC" icon beside them). Click
> the supported language that you prefer. 
> This should get your spell checker working. Then restart OpenOffice
> and things should work.

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