Big Hard Drive?

Alfred alfred.s at
Wed Dec 20 04:02:44 UTC 2006

Hi A friend downloaded, Gparted for me. I Read the notes on it, and then
tried it out for a test run. I made 4 Primary Partitions on that hard
drive. 320 Gigs. I'll try to refine that for loading 4 Linux OS's with
Grub being the boot loader for them.

Thank you for the information.

Now for the next stupid questions.

I have Ubuntu 6.06-1 on a 20 Gig Drive, and would like to make a copy of
it to an 80 Gig Partition on the Big Hard Drive. Perhaps make use of cp
drive 1  drive 2. Will that work, even though the second drive is 4
times larger, or is there some way of doing this. I'm not sure here.
Then on a 60 Gig Partition put Musix .59. On a 80 Gig Partition Put
Freespire. On a 100 Gig Partition put Ubuntu 6.10 - Use it for my Linux
Drive. Then free up my smaller hard drives for Windows, and Test Linux
OS's. I make use of Ubuntu mostly. I tried Simply Mepis 6, but it does
not see all my hardware, while Ubuntu does!

Ran into Open Office, Spell Checker not working at all, in Ubuntu
6.06-1, and I make lots of Spilling Mistrakes! Not sure how to go about
fixing this either. 

I bought Keir Thomas Book Starting Ubuntu, and managed to get my Capture
card working too, with the TV Time Program. Keir Writes book pretty

Was given an Agfa Snapscan e52 (for Parts) which I fixed up, the belt
had come loose. Xsane is supposed to work with it, but I don't
understand, all the details, of making it work that well. Any one got a
link to a Manual for this?

I was given a CD of Smoothwall, and now have the details for making a
Hardware firewall, with an older computer running Smoothwall or Trustix,
and then going to the 56K modem, with perhaps up to 4 other computers on
the network. Haven't put this together yet, but in my spare time I'll
collect all the bits, and then do it one day.


On Sat, 2006-16-12 at 11:40 -0500, R. Wood wrote:
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> Allegedly, on Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 10:13:09PM -0500, Alfred stated:
> > Hi: I needed a new Hard Drive, and decided on a 1/3 of a Terribyte, or
> > 320 Gigs. 
> I just got one of these also.
> > Then the problem cropped up, my Partitioning Software only sees about
> > 160 Gigs. 
> What Partitioning Software are you using?  I experimented with something
> new (for me) -- 'Gparted LiveCD':
> You boot off the CD and then partition from there.  It's kind of a
> 'Partition Magic', only it is FOSS.  Might be worth a look, as it had no
> problem seeing my 320Gb drive.
> Another issue I came across was that I needed to create a separate /boot
> partition to make sure the boot-loader (GRUB) would work properly.  So I
> made sure my first partition was about 100 Mb, bootable, and assigned to
> /boot.
> > The rest of the drive can't be accessed. Is there some Linux Overlay
> > that allows the Whole Drive to be made use of?
> > 
> > TIA
> > Alfred!
> Good luck, and let us know how things go...
> Have Fun with GNU/Linux,
> Raymond
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